Facebook is under pressure from extremist Zionist organizations, and organizations supported by the Israeli government, to equate the word ‘zionist’ with ‘Jewish’ and make criticism of zionism a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards and hate speech policy.
As a part of a global campaign www.FacebookWeNeedtoTalk.org, 7amleh – The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media invites you to a webinar about how these policy changes at Facebook can impact freedom of expression in the MENA region.

Why is this issue a threat to freedom of expression in the MENA region?

What could be the consequences of such action?

How could this affect freedom of expression online for human rights activists, journalists, students and others?

What should Facebook and other social media companies do to protect political expression on their platform?

To discuss those questions and more, Join this monday @ 7 pm (GMT+ 2) – 8pm GMT+2, 8 pm Baghdad time in a webinar with:
-Nadim Nashif – Executive Director, 7amleh (Palestine)
-Najwan Berkdar – Anti Normalization & Human Rights activist(Palestine)
-Mohamad Najem – Executive Director, SMEX (Lebanon)
-Raya Sharbain – Program Coordinator, Jordan Open Source Association (Jordan)
-Moderator: Mona Shtaya- Local Advocacy Manager, 7amleh (Palestine)

the event will also be steamed on FB live
To join the webinar, REGISTER now

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