Diraya.media is an educational platform that compiles case studies of media activism in the MENA region and offers media literacy resources that build on these practices. This educational resource is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about media activism in the region and to apply the knowledge from these case studies in their classrooms and organizations.

Diraya means “know-how” in Arabic. Diraya are a team of media researchers and educators from Lebanon and Sweden working together to strengthen media literacy practices by learning from media activists in the MENA region.

Dina, a Social Media Strategist and Researcher at INSM and one of Board Members recalls that “there was this prejudice about the Iraqi society being backward, so we wanted to show the positive image of Iraq and its people to counter the negative images broadcasted about war.” The founding of INSM, according to Dina, was motivated by “the need of the Iraqi street to broadcast its voice to the outside world.”

Diraya is an online resource that seeks to strengthen media literacy practices by learning with and from media activists in and from the MENA region. As media activists are at the forefront of the usage of media technologies aimed for advocacy of fundamental rights, we seek to learn from and with them to develop new methods, pedagogies, and tools for media educators, students, and activists, so that they, in turn, may disseminate knowledge and contribute to a greater awareness of media literacy in a larger convergence. 

The project (Diraya) began in April 2020 and the website was launched in November the same year. The initiative is funded by Creative Force, a Swedish Institute (SI) funding programme for the development of international collaborations that use art and media to strengthen democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. 

Read More details about INSM and other Case Studies from MENA Region:

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