Internet Health Report 2020 Published on Jan 28, 2021 by Mozilla

INSM team excited to have Iraq Voice in the report that contributed by Hamzoz
Hayder Hamzoz: Not only should the internet be more open, secure, and accessible to everyone, it should be decentralized and free of government control to avoid shutdowns. Social media companies should also take seriously the alarming level of hate speech and fake news that takes place on their platforms, and how much it has increased on a global scale. At the same time, these companies should be audited to avoid further violation of our privacy and security.

Hamzoz added: with the support of @ushahidi Foundation, @INSMnetwork ‘s team set a collaborative online map for documenting human rights violation in #Iraq. Visit Here:

Researcher found 3 leading causes for Iraq’s weak and expensive internet. destruction of parts of its infrastructure by armed groups, conflicts among key stakeholders and government corruption. Read More

Read The Full Report Here:

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