• 10 billion trackers are blocked in Firefox each day globally
  • 86% of Mozilla products in 2020 #PrivacyNotIncluded guide met the Minimum Security Standards of the company
  • The US Does not have a general federal privacy law
  • You should not use the same password to keep your passwords safe
  • Firefox Monitor can search back to 2007 to see if one of your online accounts has been breached
  • The D in GDPR stands for Data
  • 28 countries in the continent of Africa have data protection laws in force
  • 62% of US residents say they worry about the privacy risk from smart products.
  • You should use multi-factor authentication wherever you can!
  • India’s Supreme Court passed a landmark ruling in August 2017 affirming for the first time a constitutional fundamental right to privacy
  • Germany was the first country in the world to adopt dedicated rules for protecting personal data, way back in 1978.

Source: Mozilla Foundation

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By Hamzoz حمزوز

Hamzoz is a Baghdad based social media expert and the CEO of INSM, a network for bloggers and citizen journalists. His work focuses on empowerment, digital rights, content verification, and digital security with extensive experience in networks and media in the Middle East.

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